Consulting Services

We offer a full array of marketing consulting services.  If you have a marketing need or a question about how to tackle a marketing or sales problem we can assist you.  Here is a short list of the most popular services that we provide:

  • Sales brochure development
  • E-Mail marketing plans & support
  • Social media training & implementation
  • Public relations
  • Copy writing
  • Website consulting & content development

Have a marketing need that isn’t on this list? Contact me at and I am sure we can assist you.


One Response to Consulting Services

  1. MADeSanto says:

    Hi Matt-
    You had seen some of my photography in Asbury, picked up my card and liked my Facebook page ‘MAD Media’. With a few clicks I learned of your consulting firm this morning.
    I’m looking to expand my current business and thought maybe working with someone who already knows some of my work would be beneficial.
    Please email so that we may set up a meet and greet and get a better feel for both our services.
    Thanks for your time and have a pleasant Thanksgiving.

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