Velting Overhead Doors Press Release

October 7, 2011

Following is a press release issued this week by our friends and clients at Velting Overhead Doors:

***For Immediate Release***

Velting Overhead Doors Thrives In Spite Of Weak Economy

September 30, 2011–(Bayville, NJ) Velting Overhead Doors announced this week that they have come to terms with Benchmark Overhead Doors of Jackson, NJ to assume their warranty service as Benchmark is going out of business.

Doug Velting, owner of Velting Overhead Doors, stated that he is very proud of the success of his family-owned business.  In only two years since opening the business Velting has grown his clientele from just a hand-full of acquaintances from his network of family and friends into a thriving concern.

Velting has been working in the garage door business for 15 years and decided to go out on his own in 2010 and start his own business.

“When you tell people your opening a business in an economy like this, a lot of people look at you like your crazy, but I saw that there was an opportunity for a company that offered top-notch equipment and personalized service to succeed”, said Velting.

Velting’s instincts were correct. He was able to fill a niche in the Central Jersey area and since opening the company he has been able to consistently grow the business.  Things have really started to take off over the summer.  “Service call volume is up 50% in the past six months”, states Velting “and sales and repair business are up 20% and 35% respectively in the past two months.”

Their client list has steadily grown.  They not only service residential garages, they offer solutions from a single, one-car home garage to up to large-size car dealerships and industrial complexes.  Velting Overhead Doors handle regular commercial clients like Pinebelt and Silverline Windows.

With their business on solid footing and growing, Velting contacted Benchmark Overhead Doors about acquiring their warranty business as an avenue for growth.  Velting stated  “the owner of Benchmark and I have known each other a few years now, and had worked together in the past before each deciding to start our own businesses.  About a week ago he and I were talking about getting our families together for dinner, and he mentioned in passing that he was thinking about getting out of the business but wasn’t sure what to do, because he didn’t want to just abandon his customers.  We both offered the same product line, and I was familiar with his caliber of work, so I offered to take on his customer base, and future workload, as well as offering an “installation warranty” transfer program.  We are in the process this week of taking their phone numbers over into our office so that their customer base isn’t just getting dead air when they call.

Velting continued “there were a few things that made us think this would be a good thing to move forward on, the first being that we offer the same product line.  The second reason would have to be Benchmark’s main concern was that their customers wouldn’t have anyone to turn to if they had an issue. One cornerstone of our business model is that we are trying to take the business/customer relationship back to the days when you were able rely on and trust the service you were provided.  We’ve strived to provide national brand name products with the feel of a small town general store; where the customer and employees know each other by name and not some invoice or reference number.  The third and final reason this was an attractive opportunity for us in that by taking on their workload and broadening our customer base it may afford us an opportunity to hire new employees, which in turn helps our local economy and unemployment rates.”

The integration of Benchmark’s business has shown an immediate increase in Velting Overhead Doors’ activity. “Since last week when we forwarded their phone system to ours we are fielding roughly 50% more phone calls during the day”, Velting said. Once they incorporate the best practices from both companies into one seamless operation Velting anticipates that volume increase will go even higher.

Velting Overhead Doors offers top of the line equipment from the leaders in the industry such as Liftmaster and Clopay, both of which won “best of business” awards last year. Clopay doors are made in America, which keeps money here, and keeps more Americans working.  Liftmaster openers are the number one professionally installed opener in the world.  Being a family-owned business its very important for us to be able to stand behind the products we sell and both Clopay and Liftmaster make that an easy thing to do.

Velting Overhead Doors also differentiate themselves in terms of service.  Velting stated “the person you speak to on the phone when you call for an appointment is the person who shows up at your home.  Plus the person who starts your job finishes it; we do not subcontract out our work.”  Velting adds “we work with our customers to ensure that they are able to make the best decision for their project and ensure that it stays within their budget restrictions.”

Being budget conscious in this economy is a priority.  That is another area of distinction for Velting Overhead Doors.  Instead of charging by the hour for service calls, they offer residential clients a flat-rate service charge regardless of the time they need to complete the work and they are always willing to go the extra mile to ensure that the customer is satisfied with the end result.

Velting prides himself on keeping up-to-date on the latest technologies in the industry.  For example, just recently he’s begun to offer people door openers that work in conjunction with your smart phone.

Even in a challenging economy, there are opportunities for entrepreneurs who have a good idea and an excellent way to differentiate themselves to succeed, and Velting Overhead Doors is seizing that opportunity and growing their business.

Velting Overhead Doors is a full-service, family-owned and operated garage door company serving both Commercial and Residential customers in all of Central NJ 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. For More Information or to request a quote, please visit www.VeltingDoors.Com



Busy Times Around Here

September 23, 2011

This blog hasn’t been getting the attention it deserves.  I apologize. The good news is that there hasn’t been many updates because I have been pretty busy on client work. In the past month we have been working with two new clients–so most of my writing time has been eaten up working on copy writing, blogging and press releases for them.

Hopefully you follow me on Twitter because even when I am not blogging I try to pass along links to articles of interest about marketing, branding and social media.

But I do want to refocus on giving you value added content here.  So, for the time being here are a few links of interest that I have seen that deserve your attention:

First, here is a good review  from about how video is becoming ubiquitous in marketing campaigns and for good reason–it increases SEO.

And here are two that I shared on our Facebook page that I haven’t posted here yet:

This first is somewhat basic, but going back to basics is good practice every once in a while.  Here are 10 Way To Promote Your Facebook Page


Second is something more unique. Everyone tells you to engage in Social Media, but rarely does anyone tell you where to do it.

Market Your Service Business via Twitter

May 2, 2011

Do you use Twitter to market your service business? Have you also embraced location-based services such as Four Square?

A lot of service-based businesses work out of their trucks so they don’t have a store front location from which to offer a special on Four Square. Well here’s a way to do something similar plus get you some extra word of mouth for your twitter account and business.

Tweet your location through Four Square as you go about your travels during the day and tweet out a message similar to this:

“We are at Fisher Blvd in Toms River doing an installation. If you see our service truck, tweet a picture of it with the messge  ‘I found @TomsSerivceCompany’ and you will receive a 20% discount off of our service fee.”

This kills two birds with one stone.  You are advertising your business by offering a discount for people who spot you (thus leveraging the marketing dollars you spent to letter your truck!) plus you have people tweeting out your company’s Twitter name and spreading the word to their followers.

What do you think? Would that work for your business?  Will your friends keep an eye out for your check-ins?

Peter Shankman’s 7 tips for generating revenue with Social Media

April 26, 2011

Peter Shankman hits the nail on the head again! Here is a quick list from him of 7 ideas small businesses can employ to generate $$$REVENUE$$$$ today by using social media. It is simple and easy–a true no brainer.

In the spirit of Peter giving away the advice that people pay him for, if you like this idea but feel you aren’t creative enough to come up with an idea that is tailored to your industry, leave a comment or email me ( and I will sit down with you for an hour-long brainstorming session on what we can come up with together to tailor this idea to your business.

What do you think? Easy right??

Morgan Spurlock’s TED Talk

April 6, 2011

Morgan Spurlock gave a very compelling TED Talk about branding, marketing transparency and his upcoming documentary about this topic: The Greatest Movie Ever Sold


March 30, 2011

Welcome to the new home of Genovese Consulting!

Genovese Consulting is a full-service marketing consulting firm.  Please bear with us as we build out this site and all of the content.  More will be coming each day in the next few weeks.

Genovese Consulting is a brand new business based in Jackson, NJ but we will be servicing businesses anywhere in the country.  With over 18 years of marketing experience we are positioning ourselves to be the marketing department that most small businesses just can’t afford to keep on staff full-time.

From creative to copy-writing to email marketing and social media, Genovese Consulting is set up to produce a full spectrum of strongly branded and personalized creative collateral that will assist small businesses in getting thier message out to thier clients and customers.

While this site it being constructed, if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me directly via email: or on Twitter @mattgenovese

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