Market Your Service Business via Twitter

Do you use Twitter to market your service business? Have you also embraced location-based services such as Four Square?

A lot of service-based businesses work out of their trucks so they don’t have a store front location from which to offer a special on Four Square. Well here’s a way to do something similar plus get you some extra word of mouth for your twitter account and business.

Tweet your location through Four Square as you go about your travels during the day and tweet out a message similar to this:

“We are at Fisher Blvd in Toms River doing an installation. If you see our service truck, tweet a picture of it with the messge  ‘I found @TomsSerivceCompany’ and you will receive a 20% discount off of our service fee.”

This kills two birds with one stone.  You are advertising your business by offering a discount for people who spot you (thus leveraging the marketing dollars you spent to letter your truck!) plus you have people tweeting out your company’s Twitter name and spreading the word to their followers.

What do you think? Would that work for your business?  Will your friends keep an eye out for your check-ins?


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